Mountain Bike Trials Displays

What is an Addo show?

There are many different expressions of mountain biking that exist today.

Trials biking is a relatively new discipline and is yet arguably the style most suited to a demonstration setting.

Trials riding is often referred to as ‘stunt riding’ as it involves dramatic and dynamic bike handling ‘tricks’ that allow a rider to negotiate seemingly impossible terrain.

Whether it be teetering along a balance beam 10 foot off the ground, or riding up and down a ladder on using only the rear wheel, the best trials riders can do it!

One of the beauties of trials is that the audience can really get up close to the action. In no other discipline of riding can you have so much action, so close. So whether it’s spinning a 360 degree rotation within inches of the crowd or leaping a bike off a 9 foot high platform to land between someone’s legs, you can get it all in a trials show.

Mountain bike trials is exciting and dramatic. The tricks and moves that the Addo team perform are nothing short of “jaw dropping”.

Almost everyone can relate to riding a bike, and to see such a skilled and spectacular demonstration of bike control is sure to excite, inspire and astound.

  • Any event, any occasion, any location
  • We provide all our own riding equipment
  • Full sound system and music provided with interactive commentary
  • 100% incident free record
  • More than a decade of combined experience within the team
  • We have performed hundreds of shows, entertaining thousands of spectators
  • Full insurance cover
  • No weather restrictions
  • Only 30 minute set up and dismantle time
  • We can perform on any surface
  • No surface damage
  • Each demonstration provides up to 30 minutes of high intensity action
  • Any size arena
  • 100% hassel free entertainment
  • Free gifts given away during each show
  • Multiple performances each day
  • Autograph sessions, which include free posters, are available after the demonstrations